Case Study Series #1

The Impact Institute

Case study of the week started this week! On Monday’s- we will be posting a case study, and sharing our treatments and approaches on Thursday of that week. We want you to get engaged, share your opinions, and help us grow and learn together!

We will always share some basic evaluation findings to keep the case study broad and to encourage multiple approaches based on additional information. Any clinical insights or research is always welcome.

Case Study #1:

A 35 year-old female desk worker comes to you with severe daily headaches that worsen throughout the day. As a result, she experienced a dramatic reduction in productivity toward end of day and is unable to attend her kid’s soccer games.

Evaluation: Rounded shoulders, forward head, tight trapezius and sub-occipitals

Our Approach:

Mobilization and or manipulation to C1, C2 to improve joint mobility
Mobilization and or manipulation to CT junction and thoracic spine
STM/Myofascial release to the cervical paraspinals, occipitals, SCM, upper traps, medial scapular border and thoracic spine
Myofascial release to the anterior shoulder and pecs/fascia
MWM to the cervical and thoracic spine
Dry Needling to the cervical spine, occiput and apex of cranium
Supine foam roller with overhead reaching to improve thoracic mobility and engage cervical neck flexors
Horizontal foam roller with trunk extension to improve thoracic extension and improve anterior mobility of the chest
Anterior lunges with overhead, rotation and side bending reaches
Warrior 1 and 2
Thoracic openers in staggered stance lunge
Side Plank with UE rotation (plantar grade)
Single arm row with trunk rotation
Squat to UE cross
Staggered stance with overhead, side bending and rotational punches
Downward dog to cobra
TRX row
TRX lunge with UE into extension

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