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I found the course to be very beneficial as it was organized, concise, and case study driven.  It provided real clinical scenarios and how to go about implementing these new concepts discussed throughout the course.  I liked how it was easy to toggle back and forth between sections as I found myself needing to go back and review certain portions as I worked through the course.  The course felt interactive and was packed with useful information.


Dave B.

DPT student

After taking this course it completely changed my framework in how I listen and treat my patients. This is a concise, informative, and innovative look into how to step up your game as a therapist!! What makes this course different is that after taking it, you actually have tools you can use instead of nice to know information. Worth every cent, and I can’t wait for more from them!!

Dr. Prince

Physical Therapist

Advanced Movement RX is well worth the $299 ! What you get out of it is having the knowledge to creatively incorporate and progress exercise and movement to really expand your clientele and patient population.

Jenny T

DPT Student

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